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19 April 2018
The Red House Redevelopment Plans

Location - Fowden Hall, Rothamsted Conference Centre, 7.30 for 8.00pm

Hear about the plans for the Red House site from from the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.

Tickets (free) for this event can be booked here.
19th April 2018 AGM commencing at 7.50, Fowden Hall, Rothamsted

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17 May 2018
Luton Airport Expansion Plans

Location - Fowden Hall, Rothamsted Conference Centre, 7.30 for 8.00pm

Hear about the plans for the expansion of Luton Airport from the Leader of Luton Council and others.

Tickets (free) for this event can be booked here.
It seems to have been going on for quite a time but at last the new secondary school, Katherine Warrington (KWS) has finally been given the go ahead by Herts County Council to be built. The site for the new school is in the fields east of Common Lane, off the Lower Luton Road in Batford.

KWS will be the fourth secondary school in Harpenden and will eventually have capacity for 1,150 students. The proposal also includes plans for playing fields, tennis courts and a multi- use games area that will also benefit the local community. Hopefully the new school will put an end to the annual disappointment of Harpenden children who are not allocated a place at a Harpenden secondary school.

Although many parents are delighted by the decision there are still concerns regarding traffic congestion in the Batford area that is already very busy during the morning and evening rush hour. KWS, along with all the other schools in Harpenden, both Junior and secondary, will be working to support transport issues by working with their students in raising awareness of Road safety issues and encouraging more students to walk, cycle and bus (secondary) safely to school.

Harpenden is a special town and its children enjoy a wonderful education at both junior and secondary levels. The new school, under the Headship of Mr Tony Smith, will work tirelessly to deliver an outstanding education and provide its students with the opportunity to further their careers and lives when they leave school.

Educationally this is a very exciting time for Harpenden and its young children.

Chris Armitage.
The Harpenden Society, Education Working Group.
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