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Winter 2020

Local Plan ‘saga' continues

COVID delays Sports Centre opening

Harpenden Trust takes Seniors Forum under its wing

Springtime Special for Society members

Award judge John Davis gets his own Award!

Watching out for the birds

Airport expansion unjustified

Nickey Line Friends win CPRE Award

‘New life' for Rothamsted's iconic building

Did You Know?  From Harpenden's history -  Highfield Oval and the NCH

EDITOR'S VIEW Getting to grips with Covid parking

Autumn 2020

A message from our Chairman

Local Plan thrown out yet again

TELL ME A STORY' Writing competition for senior school students

How Covid could influence Harpenden's future

Unitary' plans -a Harpenden perspective

Did you know? -From Harpenden's history ‘Open day' shows off Rothamsted heritage

Society Award for new cricket pavilion

Springtime Special for Society members

EDITOR'S VIEW - Support your friendly supermarket

Moving mountains
Summer 2020

New Secondary school now up and running

Eric Morecambe Centre could open in May

Volunteers Wanted

Freight Depot threat to Harpenden Green Belt

SADC could look again at Lawes' Redbourn site

Herts CC's 'reversed localism' plan could abolish SADC

Town Council plans new community project funding

Editor's View - Legislative thrombosis?

Spring 2020


New Bulletin - Special Covid-19 Lockdown Edition


Message from the Chairman


Public Halls site plans move forward


Covid-19 to thwart Luton Airport expansion?


Doubts surround North-West Harpenden housingscheme


Eric Morecambe Centre' faces months of delay


A safe High Street for everyone

Winter 2019

Society opposes huge airport expansion

Would be culture centre users voice their concerns

Refreshing the Lydekker pond

Bim's  local parliamentary perspective

Did You Know 'A Welcombe Reminder of Yesteryear'

Editor's View - Whither the Neighbourhood Plan in tide of development
Autumn 2019

Red House Health Centre hopes revived

Sally Army raises its profile

Local architecture blending the new and not so new

New secondary school opens its doors

Harpenden deserves more trains says SADC

Did You Know - When you could lose your shirt on Harpenden Common

Editor's View - Former Nat West bank - an ongoing eyesore

Parking Issues in Harpenden to be resolved soon ?
Summer 2019

Local Plan back in the melting pot

Might SADC portfolio changes affect Leisure Centre progress

A Cricketing summer celebration

Banging the drum for a new hospital

A fine day for a fine and varied artistic show

Trust goes eye catching

New school opening delayed

Airport wants to stay noisy for five more years

Editor's view Lib Dem planning influence looming ?

Cutting out plastic
Spring 2019

Theatre hub will be here a year early

Tribute - Ian Fulton

Outcry over Common Tree felling

County Council stiffens its airport expansion objections

Hopper restarted

Red House delay hit with new uncertainty

Editor's view - The Best Laid Plans

Society Awards

Pavilioned in splendour
Winter 2018

Public Halls sire redevelopment starts to take shape

Support the Neighbourhood Plan

Rothamsted's rejected housing plan won't lie down

Hoping for easier parking ? don't hold your breath !

Wanted: Volunteers to play postman

Five years of volunteering keep the library's Wednesday opening

Did you know

Health Centre lack of progress frustration
Summer 2018

Airport Expansion Comes Under Fire

Awards for four new Harpenden developments

Health Centre "ready for use" by late 2020 says project team

Luton Airport message from Bim Afolami

Did You Know? From Harpenden's history - "Cat's Eyes" Cunningham

Editor's view - Pavement parking - a necessary evil?

Schools find things to smile about
Spring 2018

New Health Centre plans moving forward

80 years look back on the Public Halls

Creating an educational focus

Clearing the Air

70 years of helping the less fortunate

Did You Know? From Harpenden's history - St Mary Childwickbury's 150 years

Editor's view - We are falling prey to "questionnaire fatique"
Winter 2017

New MP calls for "strategic, not ad hoc" planning

New Secondary School declares its high aspirations

Anthology celebrates Harpenden writers' 20 years

SADC's Local Plan brought up to date

Red House site plan revealed

Did You Know? From Harpenden's history - No Trouble Brewing

Editor's view - Is our council tax being spent efficiently

Summer colours recalled
Autumn 2017

New Secondary school plans revealed

eisure centre plans "fleshed out" - with extra funding

Churches seek to bring back a Citizens'' Advice Centre

The Village Baker - RIP

A Society postman bows out

Did You Know - The Nickey Line

Editors View - Green Belt protection : don't cheer SLP's demise too loudly

Put the Green Flags out

Woodland path is scouts' brainchild
Summer 2017

A Healthy Outlook

Anywhere to Somewhere

Without Whom - Chris Marsden

Framing Our Future Neighbourhood

Name chosen for new secondary school

Council steps up green initiatives

Editors View

Did You Know - 40 Luton Rd
Spring 2017

New Town Clerk spells out his aspirations for Harpenden

Addressing Harpenden's transport challenges

Marquis Meadow expands Batford Springs reserve

Southdown threatened by wrong kind of dispensing

The 3G all weather pitch at Roundwood Park School

Harpenden's new Arts & Leisure centres - an opposing view
Winter 2016

Christmas Shopping promotion supported by The Harpenden Society

Arts & Leisure Centre Plans begin to crystallise

New chairman-in-waiting for the society

Inspectorate meeting leaves SLP and Green Belt plans in limbo

Secondary school funding approved

Hotel site gets green light

Hail the Harpenden Hopper!

More trouble free commuting in prospect

Editor's View

Restoring the Common's traditional heather
Autumn 2016

Exciting plans to transform Harpenden's Sports, Liesure & entertainment facilties

Glittering prizes for Carnival competition winners

Down on the farm

Green Belt Development

Action plan for the Nickey Line

Greenway Spinney

Keeping families up to date

Editor's View

Harpenden House Hotel

Did You Know ?
Summer 2016

Vision for Harpenden

Without Whom presentations

Welcome to Park House

Road & Rail Transport Challenges

Editor's View - Litter Curse

New Membership Secretary

Red House Redevelopment
Spring 2016

SLP a Disgrace

Green Light for the Red House

Keeping Watch

The Harpenden in Question 20

Letters from the Editor

Yuletide Yearnings

Calling All Volunteers

Writes Shirley Thomas
Winter 2015

Thank You, Volunteers

Harpenden in Question 19 Life and Death Matters

Red House Re-Visited

Unplanned Planning

Seniors Fair

Secondary School Schedule

Keeping Watch

Richard Thomas: Bench Fund
Autumn 2015

Without Whom

Harpenden in Question 18 Art for Harpenden's Sake

Out and About with the Society

Memo for Members

Keeping Watch

The New Editor
Summer 2015


Celebration 2015

Harpenden in Question 17 Increased Taxis

Unbuilt Houses

School For Thought

Richard Thomas
Spring 2015

Should we take to the Hustings

Harpenden in Question 16 Lighten our darkness

James Marshall House Developments

Housey Housey

Lend a Hand

Wellness not Illness

Crime marches on
Winter 2014

The Without Whom Awards

Campaign Fund

Harpenden in Question 15 Time for Boldness

Volunteering for Harpenden

Memos from Members

A Summer Evening at Annables

Harpenden and the Housing Crisis

Society News in Snippets

New face on the subs bench