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Harpenden Town Council’s responses to the various Luton Airport proposals can be found on  http://www.harpenden.gov.uk/luton-airport.

Luton Airport Development Plans

Letter from Anne Main to Eric Pickles

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Herts County Council Response to airport development proposals

HTC Response to airport development proposals

Chris Marsden, Harpenden Society Chair, submitted the Society’s response to Luton Borough’s Council’s Luton Airport Development Plan.


“We are seriously disturbed by the implications of the “Future Luton” Development Plan as recently published online and via the series of exhibitions in the locality”.

“Overall we believe that the airport site and surrounding infrastructure, however much improved, is totally unsuitable for the development proposed.”

Click Harpenden Society Luton Airport Response to download the full response.

Society’s response to Luton Borough Council’s Plan

The Harpenden Society’s response to the London Luton Airport Operations Ltd (LLAOL) consultation on the proposed airport expansion can be found below. This proposal is an alternative proposal to that put forward by Luton Borough Council (see below).

Click Harpenden Society LLOL Response to download the full response.

Society’s response to LLAOL’s consultation

The Policy Exchange has recently published a report recommending London airport expansion should be either at Heathrow or a new 4-runway expansion at Luton – they have discounted expansion at Stanstead and Gatwick. See detail at http://www.channel4.com/news/uk-needs-four-runway-airport.

The report detail was created by CentreForum “The Liberal Think Tank” http://www.centreforum.org.

Policy Exchange Report

Society’s Response to Luton Airport Planning Application

The Chairman of The Harpenden Society, Chris Marsden, has written letters on behalf of the Society to key officials objecting to the planned expansion of Luton Airport to handle 18 million passengers per year and protesting at the lack of an impartial assessment process to determine whether the expansion can proceed.

A letter has been sent jointly to Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Patrick McLoughlin Secretary of State for Transport. It points out that Luton Borough Council cannot apply proper objectivity to the application because it stands to gain financially from the expansion and therefore must not be allowed to decide upon granting the go ahead for the development.

Chris Marsden said “we have quite reasonably urged the two ministers to remove the decision making process from Luton Council and to judge it nationally in an impartial and fair manner.”

Chris outlined the key reasons for objecting to the planned airport expansion, “local road traffic will rise to unacceptable levels, the local rail connections will be overcrowded and noise pollution from overflying aircraft will become intolerable.”

The letters amplified the Society’s concerns. Road traffic to and from the expanded airport would generate an estimated extra 7,500 cars per day on the roads through and near Harpenden. Rail services will become unacceptably overcrowded. Thameslink’s current rail capacity, which Luton airport currently admits is inadequate, will be diminished if the rail freight depot at Radlett goes ahead as planned. Noise from aircraft overflying Harpenden is forecast to rise dramatically especially in the unsocial hours in the night and early morning.

A letter has also been sent to the Development Control Manager of Luton Borough Council pointing out that since the Council received £25 million from passenger revenues in 2011 then it cannot decide on the merits of the expansion because of the conflict of substantial income versus planning considerations. A similar letter has been sent to the Managing Director of London Luton Airport Operations Ltd.

Chris Marsden concluded, “not only do we object to the proposed expansion due to road, rail and noise considerations we fundamentally object to Luton Council adopting the role of poacher and gamekeeper. An independent third party must assess the project so that Luton’s impartiality is not compromised. We are simply requesting a fair assessment process.

To see the  letters click  below

Letter to Rt Hon Eric Pickles  MP

Development Control Manager, Luton Borough Council

Mr Glyn Jones, Managing Director, London Luton Airport Operations Ltd

Response to Consultation