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A year ago the Society  began conversations with the Town Clerk and various councillors about how we should engage with the Localism agenda and the ideas on neighbourhood plans.

We were encouraged to come up with a 'wish list' of developments we would like to see which would improve amenities and social activities in Harpenden.

The Society asked its members for ideas and the committee agreed an initial list which ranged from revivification of the Red House, making the High Street more of a centre of social activity and entertainment, to better lighting of foot paths and more dog poo bins.

We presented our list to a meeting of councillors and officers at the end of May 2012 and were encouraged to take our ideas further - in two ways in particular:

to take a holistic view of the potential developments of the centre of Harpenden, avoiding one off or piecemeal ideas

to demonstrate need and support for the ideas we are putting forward.

The committee then gratefully accepted an offer by our architect member, Tim Riley, who has lots of experience of designing social facilities in parts of London and whose firm, RCKa, was runner up in the Young Architects of the Year Award, to look at the centre of Harpenden as a whole and come up with an overall plan of what might be done together with a few specifics.

Tim presented his initial work to a meeting of interested Harpenden Society working group members and a number of councillors and this was followed by a public meeting at Park Hall on the 25th October 2012 to present the work to the residents of Harpenden.

Download Tim’s presentation by clicking here.

See also the press release.

Harpenden Community Plan (Town Centre Development Plan)

Harpenden is a “linear” town with no clear centre

When the library moves to the old Argos store should be concourse be slightly widened and improved to provide more of a “town centre” focus ?

Possible location of new Park Cafe

Impression of new Park Cafe

Some images from the 25th October 2012 presentation

New Library Site

Improve the attractiveness of the access from the town to the Public Halls

Renewal or replacement of the Public Halls

Make the Lower High St. more pedestrian friendly

Park Cafe