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Transport Working Group

At present the group comprises: Roger Butterworth, Adrian Jackson-Robbins, Eric Midwinter, Barbara Ouston and Donald Robertson [convenor].


Trains, buses, taxis, traffic congestion and control, parking


To date the main emphasis has been on buses – information and service.

Contact has been made with:

Attempts to make contact with local authority representatives have been less successful but the following is still to be tried:

Herts CC Highways & Transport Panel [Stuart Pile, Cabinet member]

A response to Hertfordshire’s Draft Rural Transport Strategy Consultation was prepared and edited version submitted by Chris Marsden April/May 2012.

Herts library service has been encouraged to reinstate the provision of copies of the printed bus timetables in the public library.

Further action is required to establish how the public can be made aware of forthcoming changes to bus services.

The management of Brayleys car showroom has been asked to avoid parking and unloading their car carriers in Luton Road near the junction with Townsend Lane as this dangerously obstructs vision of oncoming traffic. This issue has been drawn to the attention of the local authority.

Both local weekly newspapers are regularly scanned for information on transport issues.

A ‘watching brief’ is kept on transport implications of issues on which other working groups are leading, eg Luton airport expansion plans.

Donald Robertson


Transport Working Group

11th September 2012

Click here to see a copy of the Harpenden Urban Transport Plan. A copy of this can also be found on the Herts. CC website.

Committee Report 3rd December 2012


Despite initial resistance there has been some success in persuading Harpenden library and the Town Hall to stock printed timetables for local bus services. However, it seems that regular reminders may be necessary. The question of how information on service changes can be made available has yet to be resolved. Complaints have been made about some service failures or shortcomings, in particular the 321 evening service between Watford and Luton operated by Red Rose. Herts CC Transport section has confirmed they have no say in the level of service provided by bus operators who have “the freedom to start, change or withdraw services as they see fit”, subject to giving the centrally appointed Traffic Commissioner 56 days notice. The CC does arrange and fund additional services to meet social need including most of the evening services.


The Group was asked to take the lead on this matter. A traffic survey was carried out on the morning of 5 November to identify the level of congestion between 08.00and 09.00. A full report is available to any member who wishes to have a copy. The main conclusions were:

There is no problem with traffic flow at present and a future increase could well be accommodated

The limited amount of parking is fully utilised and there is no provision for ‘drop off’ adjacent to the school

The nearest available space is in the Bowers way car park which is liable to parking charges at that time

Much the same situation prevails at  the afternoon ‘pick up’ time

It would help to know how the school proposes to deal with the situation.


At the recent presentation/consultation the representatives of Herts CC were questioned about this issue. Traffic flow in Roundwood Lane was measured during an ‘average’ week earlier this year. The data obtained will be used in the transport assessment to accompany the planning application. The next action will be to study the application once it is in the public domain.


Observation of the proposals presented by Jarvis and their consultants indicate some likely improvement in the traffic situation. The main access/egress on Townsend Lane should be a bit further from Luton Road and visibility at the junction slightly improved. The proposed access/egress on Kirkdale Road should also improve traffic flows.

Donald Robertson


Transport Working Group

29th November 2012  


Working Group Report December 2012