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Built Environment/Local Economy

  1. The pedestrianisation of Thompsons Close below Breathing Space to become an area for market stalls, local street entertainment and art display
  2. More pedestrian and pushchair friendly ‘lower’ High Street. Closure of the gate to prevent access from Station Rd. Priority given to pedestrians indicated by 5mph speed limit and removal of the bollards
  3. More retail-friendly parking times. Make permanent the current experimental times for street parking and renegotiate NCP contract so that the first two hours of parking are free. Consider also the ‘free after three’ idea
  4. Redevelopment of the Oaklands building and other underused buildings (e.g. police station) as sites of opportunity for community use (see 9  below) 
  5. The creation of new housing, retail and business development in the Batford Industrial Estate.
  6. Not used.

Education & Leisure

  1. Refurbish the Public Halls: Proposal -  to update the public halls, interior and exterior, including more efficiently organised seating arrangements, wider range of participatory activities e.g. local artistic displays, more colourful and impactful branding etc.
  2. Provide a Focus for Teenage Activity: Proposal -  to offer the town's youth a lively and welcoming focus for congenial activity, central, well-equipped for sporting and cultural development. (possible link with 9 below)
  3. Create a Cultural Centre: Proposal - to develop the Oaklands building as an Arts and Crafts Centre and encouraging the wide range of cultural talent in the town in the visual arts, music, creative writing etc.
  4. Create a set of improved and unified leisure facilities in Rothamsted Park: Proposal -  in particular to make the park a vibrant location for visitors, especially young families, by the provision of 21st century play equipment and surrounds, plus refreshment and toilet facilities.
  5. Form a Harpenden Schools Forum: Proposal -  to form a voluntary body, possibly with charitable status, to monitor the town's educational service e.g. forecasting and supply of places, general relationship of schools with community etc.

Health & Social Welfare

  1. Revitalise the Red House: Proposal: to  form a partnership to develop the Harpenden Memorial Hospital (the Red House) as a patient-friendly walk-in Wellness Centre, with possible hospice element.


  1. To preserve the Green Belt around Harpenden to maintain the integrity and structural balance of the Town and its community for the benefit of present residents and future generations
  2. Strong resistance to excessive development of Luton airport plus insistence on adequate infrastructure provision for any expansion that is approved.
  3. Street lighting extension to 1 a.m
  4. Better footpath lighting
  5. More dog poo bins on footpaths and in recreational areas.


  1. Provision of real time information at bus stops
  2. More comprehensive and frequent bus service within Harpenden
  3. Improved provision for taxis both at the station and in the High Street
  4. Long term re-design of the approach to and exit from the station

Harpenden Society‘s “Wish List” for Harpenden (dated early 2012)

The list below is the Society’s “Wish List” of improvements/developments that it would like to see in Harpenden. This list is a living document and items are being modified and new items being added at regular intervals. If you have comments about items on the list or would like to see other items please contact the Society.