Arts, Leisure & Entertainment
Group Objectives
To promote opportunities for Harpenden residents to attend, or to participate in, all forms of artistic and cultural activities at a local level.

To help maintain the strength of Harpenden’s existing artistic organisations and activities.

To provide strong advocacy in support of those working to expand, and to enhance the standards of, local endeavours across all artistic genres.

To promote in particular artistic endeavours that will inspire younger people.

To support any forthcoming initiatives that would restore lost opportunities for older people to maintain or develop skills in the creative arts.

To work to enhance attendance at local arts and entertainment events.

To foster cooperation between local artistic movements, charities and sponsors of the arts in order to explore mutual benefits.

Initial activity has focussed on maximising local participation in the consultation organised by St Albans District Council to determine the requirements for the proposed new Arts and Cultural Centre that will eventually replace the existing Public Halls. The extent to which local organisations and individuals have played constructive roles in this process has been impressive. The new Centre is expected to greatly enhance interest in the local arts scene and to bring much-needed cohesion to the town's artistic and cultural life.

As soon as planning permission for the new Centre has been secured the Group will work to ensure that the activities and facilities of the new Centre adequately meet the needs and expectations of the local community. It will support all initiatives aimed at ensuring that there is a successful launch of the new Centre to put it 'on the map' and will work to ensure that local strengths in the arts are effectively showcased when the Centre opens. During the interim period the group will, where appropriate, support initiatives that will help to ensure that the existing Public Halls remain fully functional so that the momentum of our local arts and entertainment groups can be maintained.

Group Membership