Community Safety

Pete and Sandie get married at Hendon Town hall on saturday 12th Oct 2019

2020/21 Annual Report

Looking back


Looking back over the last year, crimes in Harpenden showed a reduction over the previous year with anti-social behaviour and violence being the most prolific perhaps due to lock down.


Looking forward


Things to be aware of include:


  • Insurance mis-selling on home appliances saying your warranty has run out.

  • Cloned telephone numbers calling you that appear to be legitimate saying such things as you have outstanding NI payments and unpaid tax bills.

  • Door to door traders offering maintenance or garden work testing peoples vulnerability.

  • Try before you buy fish seller who then charges a lot for inferior products.

  • Keyless car thefts when technology is used to read and duplicate them. Keep them in a special scan proof location.

  • The Herts Police with extra funding available plan to increase police numbers by 65 to 2,267 to use as a prevention First model.


  • Police Commissioner David Lloyds priorities are:

Put victims first

Keep crime low

Protect local policing

Increase officer numbers

Keep tax low.


  • Local police priorities are fly tipping, Anti-social behaviour (in parks) and speeding



Paul Gardiner